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Beetle Dynamics is the best PPC and Search Engine Marketing Company in Jaipur. Beetle Dynamics is a complete Web Development & Digital Marketing Company that delivers 360-degree end-to-end services. Beetle’s PPC team works hard to ensure our client’s business ads display above organic search engine ranking. We ensure our clients get maximum ROI through our PPC ads to return more results.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) service?

Pay-per-click is a model of internet marketing in which digital marketers pay a fee to get visitors to their sites. The fee is called CPC and depends on many factors like Geo, demand, keyword, and targeted audience.

In today’s digital era, many marketers use PPC services as it is the most efficient way to improve sales in a short amount of time. Businesses use PPC services to increase traffic which results in more profits. Keyword discovery and selection, ad text creation, optimizing landing page and bid management, etc., are included in PPC services.

What we do in PPC

We create PPC advertising that leads to instant exposure, which increases traffic & sales on search engines.
BEETLE DYNAMICS has built up goodwill as the best PPC and Search Engine Marketing Company in Jaipur by delivering affordable and efficient PPC services to its clients. We provide the best PPC service to our clients that help to boost their business and generate high profits. We use the perfect design to engage our client’s target audience on desktop and mobile platforms. We deliver professional pay-per-click services that will help you to get maximum return on investment.

Beetle Dynamics is the best PPC Company in Jaipur
Beetle Dynamics is the best PPC and Search Engine Marketing Company in Jaipur


The following are the benefits a business can have by using PPC services
* It helps to increase your brand/business awareness.
* PPC service helps to promote your website.
* It helps to generate more revenue.
* It will help you to reach out to a vast crowd.
* PPC service results are easy to measure and track.
* It cost-effectively boosts sales.

Benefits of choosing us for PPC

*Enhance ROI
*BID management
*AD campaign set up
*Reduce cps
*PPC report management
*PPC landing page set up
*Creating AD copyright
*Lead generation
*Increase PPC traffic


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